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Lucie Young

Lucie Young is a journalist whose main focus is modern culture; especially architecture, design, fashion, food and travel. She  has written extensively for newspapers including a  12 year stint writing for the New York Times, 17 years writing for the London Telegraph and as a regular contributor to the London Times and innumerable magazines including Vogue, Elle, Travel & Leisure, House & Garden and Elle Decoration.

She has written over 20 city guides, including a 32-page New York guide for Elle (UK) and for the last decade, she has been a regular contributor to the London Telegraph newspaper’s hugely successful online guides to New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami.

Lucie has a particular passion for profiles. In 2003, she published a biography of the industrial-designer Eva Zeisel (who lived to be 105!). The book, part of Chronicle’s Compact Design series, is a best-seller.

In 2013, she launched a blog on love, loss and spirituality http://www.soulloveforever.com. It has been read in over 120 countries and received over 135,000 hits.


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